Leg Days

In my middle school and early high school days, I wasn’t particularly fit whatsoever. What eventually made the difference for me, physically and athletically, was weight lifting. My amazing dad helped teach me about lifting, as he was a high schools baseball strength and condition coach at the time, and ever since then I have grown to really enjoy lifting and working out in general.

To me, the key to enjoying lifting and working out is gradually getting into it. Going hard for one workout a week and not being able to walk the next day will not provide results and rather will probably just make you despise lifting in general.

Lots of girls come to me asking for workouts so over the summer last year I wrote down 6 days worth of leg workouts that I was doing. Now most of these workouts are based off of the Conjugate Method from Westside Barbell, which is a professional weightlifting program. It could seem a little intense, but done at your own level and pace can be extremely helpful for getting that booty and toning the legs.

This list has three heavy lifting days, two high intensity interval training days, and one cardio based day. They are mainly meant to be inspiration for you to base your own workouts off of! If you have any questions at all do not hesitate to email me or dm me!

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