How I grew my hair back to life after COMPLETELY bleaching it

It was a warm August day, about a week before my last year of high school was suppose to start, and my long, light brown hair had a very sad, unforseen end. In attempt to brighten up my color a little before school started, I went to the beauty store and purchased some products I basically just pulled off the shelf. The combination of my inattentiveness and impulsiveness, along with my good friends willingness to act as a hairdresser for the afternoon, lead to the accidental application of color stripper to every. single. strand. of. hair. on. my. head.

Sorry in advance for the scary pictures included.

These are some tips for how I got my course, fragile, bleached hair to be soft, healthy and growing again once again.


Ponytails and messy buns can wreak havoc on your hair. The hair tie causes the individual hair strands to weaken and break off. Break off was the biggest issue i had with my bleahced hair, every time I brushed though my hair it would look like confetti falling to the ground. That being said, braids really helped stop that. The best place to get braid inspo is pinterest or youtube, I usually just went with the two dutch braids look.

Oils & Leave In Products

I tried almost every leave in conditioner or oil on the shelf. I found my favorites to be moroccan/argan oil, which can be found at any CVS or Walgreens. This product is really great if you want you hair to be really soft and flowy. I use this other product fro more long term benefits, Redken’s Anti-Snap, that’s suppose to help strengthen your hair and prevent breakage. I feel like these two products really helped my hair whenever I regularly used them. They also dont leave a lot of buildup on your hair, which makes it look and feel healthier right after use.

Limited washes

My hairdresser always tells me that you should only be shampooing your hair twice to three times a week. This always baffles me because I sweat so much everyday that if I didn’t take a shower I probably would have no friends. Thankfully, I’ve learned some good tips to wearing two or three day hair.

  • Dry shampoo | It really is a great investment. I would usually only use it once in between washes because It can cause a lot of build up on your scalp, but it is a quick fix
  • Braids, again | Greasy hair can be hidden in braids super easily.
  • Hats | If no one can see your hair there’s no way for them to even tell if its disgusting.

Hair Masks

Many times when I mention hair masks to friends they have no idea what I’m talking about and it genuinely surprises me. This is probably my favorite treatment because it’s easy, affordable and produces quick results. You can find hair masks at a store, but I prefer to use at home recipes. My go to is just lathering your hair in coconut oil and letting it sit for about thirty minutes. There’s also great ones that include eggs, avocados or mayonnaise (don’t knock it till you try it). These treatments can be found by a simple online search and will really give your hair the boost of shine it needs. I would just do a simple google search to find one that may fit your needs.

Here’s a link to a site that has some of my faves.

Last piece of advice, visit hair salons to get color or bleaching done. It’s been over a year and a half since my little incident and I’m still paying the price for it haha. We all got to learn somehow.

Xoxo hay

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